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"Thank you forthe handcrafted wooden bowl that you gave to my daughter Chelsea. It is a lovely reminder of our visit and the warm welcome we received. I appreciate your thoughtfulness."

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hike Morocco provides the only authentic Berber experiece that caters for people looking for a more comprehensive option than that of the budget backpacker tour.

Mohammed Id Hammou is an experienced and certified Berber tour guide used by the US embassy, the Rabat American School, and the Casablanca American school. He specializes in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert of Morocco. He speaks English, French, Arabic and Berber, and has gained the trust of Hillary Clinton and her daughter who used his services in 1999 when they camped in the desert.

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Morocco is a unique country, an ideal destination for adventure travel. With its snow-capped mountains, rolling Saharan dunes, earthen kasbahs, souks that overload the senses, beaches pounded by the Atlantic Ocean and some of the friendliest people on earth, there is something for everyone. Absorb this scenery and culture or experience the highest mountain in North Africa and the peace of Morocco’s Sahara Desert with Mohammed Id Hammou. He is a Berber tour guide who specializes in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, where he grew up, and the Sahara Desert. He has been leading groups since 1987.

Growing up in the Atlas Mountains, Mohammed Id Hammou knows the weather, trails, and the many different sights the Atlas boasts. He also knows hazards of Mountain adventure travel and ensures safety first. Mohammed makes your vacation memorable and easy. By taking care of every need, Mohammed ensures the traveler(s) absorbs the scenery, rich culture and experiences of authentic Morocco, without the hassles.

Mohammed is an independent guide and provides important employment to the local economy. By using his services you can ensure that your money is locally spent in support of these families.